“ I don’t feel like I need to build a million dollar company to prove my success as a woman. I would be much happier if I create my own craft and yoga studio and feed my creative potential doing what I love. Or if I have a job that I love showing up to every day. Or if I choose to home school my children and learn sewing in the meantime. Whatever will make me feel free, creative and fulfilled.”

That you are still writing this nonesense and still likely hashtagging METOO all over the place really says it all. See men don’t get to ‘not need to build a million dollar company” or to choose what makes them “happier” or do “what they love” or just “show up every day” or “Whatever will make [us] feel free, creative and fulfilled.”

Our job apparently is to make that possible for YOU. And still treat you as “equals”? My job is to tell you when to show up and whether to bring a toothbrush and to pay the bills and to treat you as a “partner”, to not objectify or commoditize you?

These inane articles that attempt to perpetuate the notion of half a paradigm are nauseating, as are the endless and incompatible hoops men must jump through to simultaneously be considered ‘men’ and “masculine’ by ‘women’ AND to behave “properly” for feminists.

“ We can lead teams, companies and countries. By being women…. I decided to let the world and the men take care of me.”

How can one person combine the same blather in one paragraph?

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