I am sure many men including myself recognize the same thing from our own end. In many ways it might be even more hurtful as a man to awaken our heart when you aren't sure you want it or not, our hearts generally being held, pardon the pun, closer to our chests. Do you really believe men have not with full abandon and intention opened our hearts to women not ready, not sure, or using us for whatever it is we're providing they only want part of?

I totally understand, empathize and sympathize with where you are coming from but it is not from 'the feminine'. It is from the human and coming from the human in the days of instant messengers and tinder and hotornot is a lonely place to come from.

I and many of my male friends aren't 'dogs chasing cars' as one of your readers claims and we aren't one of the few either.

I find the real only difference is women do the same thing w/o regret or apology, feeling the fact they "provided" sex is somehow 'payment in full'. Men have hearts as well, sacred ones as well, ones full of love and ready and willing and able to be shared as much and as well as women.

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