Hey I have an idea; why don’t you write to your black friends to ask then to debounce gang culture or welfare culture? This presumption that men are complicit in or responsible for other men’s behavior is nonsense and insulting. This presumption that men are responsible to protect women on demand (“please stop that man from hurting me”) is directly correleated to the very ‘inequality” you bitch about. This lack of recognition that for every man out there that has mistreated a woman she has 1000 men including brothers and fathers and uncles and boyfriends and husbands and sons and colleagues and strangers who have protected her both explicitl and implicitly.

We do not live in a “rape culture” it is neither condoned nor perpatrated by the vast majority of men, any more than gang violence is by blacks. Rape as a crime has gone done steadily and consistently year by year and decade by decade.

I can deplore and denounce the behavior of LCK and the Texan who said his jokes (of all things) were more important than the woman he exposed himself to without considering myself or any other man in any way shape or form complicit. I can be disgusted by the criminal (criminal, not male) behavior of Weinstein without being congratulated by females for being ‘one of the good ones’ (go tell one of your black friends the same thing see what happens). I can be horrified by and do everything in my power to act against the 90,000 rapes per year (29.6 per 100,000 not 25,000 per 100,000 as some would have us believe) including walking the women in my life home at night (an act of putting myself at risk that is decidedly not my obigation) without calling it a ‘rape culture’ or considering myself obliged to protect women (any more than I am responsible for protecting the 20,000 people killed each year 75% of which are men).

You are projecting if you actually believe men are looking for you to reassure them with words that they are in fact good. At least I’ll speak for myself; keep your honey. I don’t need you to santify me, absolve me, excuse me or confirm me as being ‘good’ anymore than you need those from me. I am not Weinstein the criminal nor LCK the exposer no Ted Bundy the serial killer. I am a man and human being who doesn’t owe you neither apology nor protection because of the behavior of criminals. When “you” get that I’ll pick up a sword and help you kill your enemies as they are mine as well.

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