Anna while I do apologize for the tone of my reply and the ‘ad hominem’ attacks, the overall reply stands. If you sense ‘reactive bitterness and anger’ it is precisely from reading an endless slew of articles dictating what men should be and how they should act in order to be men while providing for women the choice to accept any roles they wish. I get tired of being told what makes me a man, or a strong man, or how my job is to ‘lead’ but God Forbid if I do when the woman wants to. I think men need to start learning how to decide what works for them in their interactions with women and stop pussy-footing around and wringing their hands together constantly worrying about which women expect them to act which way and when. Personally I find it hard to take a woman seriously who wants me to ‘lead’ and allow her to ‘find her way’ and tells me when and how to do it and wants to ‘share the throne’. Do I believe it is possible for men to be ‘classically’ male and women to be ‘classically’ female and still have a relationship based on being equal but different? Without a doubt and I’d go so far as saying that that relationship is the engine of the world. But, in my experience, women today expect to have the choice to be/do/act any way they want, without expectations or roles, and demand from men that they *react* and oblige those roles on demand. I’ve had no shortage of conversations with women who can recite task by task and act by act what they expect of me and other men and when I ask ‘but what do YOU do and what do YOU bring”. they stare at me as if I’m crazy. That comes from rejecting half the paradigm, and if you sense bitterness or experienced from me (again, my apologies) the same it is from dealing with women in such a manner in both my professional and personal life often to no good end.