If you lived on the ground
as we think we do
and thought the sky and the clouds
and the sun and the stars
were just beautiful things
you would walk with your head down
believing that dreams lived above you

But if you’d flown free through the sky
and been…

Last night I made (and ate) Osso Buco for the first time and it came out great (though I have nothing to compare it to) so thought I’d share my recipe here.

One thing I have learned as I’ve started to cook “complicated” recipes (versus my go-to but much beloved…

What isn God's Name is wrong with the picture? Most women would kill for that to be their worst let alone any picture. Most men would carry it in their wallet if it was their girlfriend with pride. I dont pay the slightest attention to the K's and don't in fact find the whole uber made up stylized look attractive in the slightest. But there is something poisonously ironic about having lawyers fighting to take that picture down.


Tech Start-Up (Job Search/Recruiting). Wanna be Chef. Muhammad Ali worshipper. Wine non-snob. Born&Bred NYer. Opinionated but always open to having my mind blow

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